Easy Learning Books have everything you need to teach children about their ever-changing world. You'll find books about summer, fall, winter and spring…books that talk about where we go, what we see, and what we do at different times of the year. And with each book, you'll find a full complement of lesson plans, learning activities and online quizzes that help you teach, test and track the progress of your students online. SUBSCRIBE NOW

It's all about discovery at Easy Learning Books. You'll find books about every holiday we celebrate…from Christmas, to Chanukah, to Veterans' Day to Halloween - even Cinco de Mayo and Chinese New Year. In all, 17 books about holidays and celebrations, complete with lesson plans, activities and games, and online quizzes with a data base that makes it easy to monitor test results throughout the school year. SUBSCRIBE NOW

With our unique Easy-Track Quiz, you can measure the academic progress of your students right on the web site. Easy-Track lets you assign an online reading project and test student comprehension of the materials online. Easy-Track automatically scores the quiz and enters the test results in the quiz data base. This data can easily be transferred into a master data file.

Each Easy Learning Book is a complete themed unit that includes a read-aloud online book in three forms, lesson plans, printable support materials and electronic Easy-Track Quiz.
These unique learning materials were developed by special needs professionals for the education and enrichment of children with attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.), attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (A.D.H.D.), autism, Asperger's syndrome and other specials needs. The materials also are ideal for teaching English as a second language (ESL). Easy Learning Books are specifically designed to provide concrete ideas about the concepts being presented, with real and vivid photos, as well as easily identifiable symbols.

All Easy Learning Books:
Follow the monthly themes of the general school year calendar, as well as real life concepts your student or child will be exposed to. [ more ]
Have interactive Easy-Track Quizzes with viewable and printable data base that makes it easier to keep track of each student’s progress.[ Sample Quiz ] [ Tour the Data Base ] [ more ]
Include lesson plans for each book. [ View Sample ] [ more ]
Have a picture symbol paired with a clear photo to target the concept or main idea of each page. [ View Sample ] [ more ]
Are geared for multi-sensory learning. [ more ]
Are available in Flash for online viewing and as PDF files you can print. [ View Samples ] [ more ]
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Tour the Data Base
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