Welcome to Easy Learning Books. At Easy Learning Books, we start with the understanding that each person is unique and has different ways of learning about the world around them. These books were written, designed and created by a team of special educators, along with input from speech and occupational therapists, to work on the primary ways students absorb information. The primary modalities are visual (seeing), auditory (listening) and tactile (touching). Easy Learning Books provides learning opportunities using each of these primary modalities of learning as strength to stimulate and enhance the learning experience.

The concepts in these books are delivered in a direct and easy to follow manner, allowing individuals to fully understand the world around them. The concepts found on Easy Learning Books range from understanding events from around the year, to books that teach self-enabling and ADL skills.

The goal of Easy Learning Books concept books is to present students a concrete understanding of concepts they will encounter around the year and in daily life in school and at home, all while increasing literacy skills.

The goal of Easy Learning Books Daily Living Skills books is to present activities of daily living to enable students to learn actionable skills through literacy.

The quiz function is more than just simple testing. The quiz function is a tool that enables teachers and parents to track data to measure progress in a concrete manner. You will be able to see quiz results with our system. You will be able to download the data to look at your student/child progression of understanding concepts and use the electronic rubrics to see growth in daily living skills.

Our books contain links to help students and parents find ways to adapt activities of daily living.

Each page has a picture symbol to enhance students understanding of the main idea of each page. Picture symbol communication systems have been documented to increase the amount of language used by students who have difficulty communicating.
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